Monday, June 21, 2010

Arthritis Today

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A big thank you to Arthritis Today magazine for profiling me and my portrait project in the July/August issue!  I am absolutely thrilled.  Welcome to all of you who are finding me through this article.  I am always on the look out for new subjects to photograph, so please e-mail me at if you are interested in participating!

Also, thanks to Kat and Michelle for posing for portraits last winter and waiting until now to see them online.  I will be posting their profiles over the coming weeks.  Thank you all so much for your support.  It means the world to me.


Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

Congrats, Jodi! I still want to do a portrait if you're ever in northeast Ohio -- and peirogis are my treat!

Mary Kalman Thomas said...

What a wonderful article about a wonderful woman (who I still think of as a kid!) Very proud of you. Great job Jodi!

Jodi said...

thanks karla! maybe we can coordinate around the holidays this year?

thank you mary! =)

Daniela Siegenthaler said...

yay jodi! congratulations!! i love how you've made your worlds collide in such a positive way. and i think you do an amazing job of capturing the spirit light of your portrait people. big big love friend!!!

Carolyn Mohler said...

Congratulations Jodi! What a wonderful article and a great way to educate others in such a positive way. Love ya!

~Mariah~ said...

Congrats, Jodi! How exciting! If you're ever in Colorado please let me know - I'd still love to participate too. I think this project is SUCH a good idea!

Also, I'd totally take Karla up on those peirogis if I were you. She is my cousin and assuming she's using our Nana's recipe they will be delicious!! ~;o)

Jodi said...

thanks so much dani! xoxo

thank you carolyn!

i will definitely keep you in mind, mariah. and now i *have* to visit karla, just to get some peirogis! =)

Cathy said...

How exciting. You do great work. Thanks for sharing with us.

Maya said...

Jodi, you are so awesome! Congratulations :) My next post is written and it's about you and your project. Thanks for your important work, your friendship and the strong example you are to all of us (healthy or not).


Jodi said...

thanks so much maya! looking forward to your post. =)

Lolabellaquin said...


I'm so excited about this article!! Congratulations! I am so proud that I was able to participate in your project and I send people to check it out often!! Keep up the great work!!


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