Monday, September 28, 2009


Indianola, WA
Hashimoto's Disease, Vitiligo and Fibromyalgia


Lee said...

She’s lovely. Look at all the life in that grin!

robin said...

oh,this is so great! i posted your link on my blogroll. if you’re ever in the d.c. area, let me know. i have a whole support group that might be interested!

sara said...

This is such a great photo, Jodi!!! What a smile to capture, and what a point it makes.

sarah Ketelaars said...

i love all these photos Jodi. They have made me smile. i just tested negative for Lupus which is great but that means it's probably fibromyalgia or ME, but no firm diagnosis yet :( i can only do about 50% of what i want to do at present... it's all very new to me so a bit overwhelmed at the moment but i have a lot to be grateful for and these images have given me hope too... all these fabulous, interesting, stunning women who are coping... if you're veer in the Uk come and photograph me too Jodi! Keep up the good work.

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